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Find out of the doctor will he perform a diabetic foot exam? This often separates the good docs from the great ones. Don?t expect your endocrinologist to be a foot expert. However, a diabetes expert will recognize the importance of making sure that you don't develop a foot problem that leads to a diabetic foot or leg amputation. If the office staff tells you that this doctor never examines feet , you should find another doctor. Plastic shoes should be avoided at any cost. Leather or canvas shoes with pores are ideal for diabetic feet These materials provide adequate air flow and comfort to the feet Even without foot malformations that create friction, poor fitting shoes can be a cause of diabetic foot sores. The American Diabetes Association recommends that you wear shoes that fit correctly over the toes and heels to reduce the amount of friction and pressure. Pressure over the toe area can result in hammertoes and ingrown toenails, both of which can lead to pressure ulcers or sores on the feet. Poor Circulation Hallux valgus feet, shoes, one arch of the foot pad of Riga. Toe valgus is a common problem in many high heels lovers, one arch of the foot pads pad will improve the condition.diabetic foot first, patients should check for foot problems every day. Feet in diabetic patients are often insensitive to pain, so look for any breaks in the skin. Also check for reddened areas that indicate too much pressure in a place that rubs against an ill-fitting shoe or takes too much punishment in running and walking. Inserts are individually made for each person. First a plaster of Paris cast is made of the feet , and technicians make the inserts from the casts. They are worn with sturdy, lace-up shoes such as nurses' shoes for maximum support. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world today. Reasons are many but individuals with this disease focus on finding easy solutions of pain relief. The most common problem in diabetic patients is the Diabetic Neuropathy. The disorder actually causes nerve damage however to the whole body but ultimately results in pinpoint problems in the foot. Regarding foot the most common disorder found is the Diabetic Foot Syndrome which is described as forming extreme pain giving corns on foot. Individuals experience massive pain due to these corns and calluses formed on their foot and it disturbs their daily life routine to a greater extent. diabetic foot care There are a number of natural ways to help diabetics care for their feet. Prevention is always going to be the best method, but there are treatments that can be done at home as well. Always seek the advice of your doctor before treating foot injuries, and be sure to always examine your feet daily and keep your doctor aware of any changes. Foot ulcers are often caused when there is too much pressure applied to a part of the foot. This might be a result of corns or calluses that are aggravated by poor quality shoes or socks or are not cared for.